Selecting Colors

Interior PaintingOne of the most important and sometimes frustrating things about painting your home can be choosing the right colors.  You want to make sure that you choose colors that you will ultimately be happy with.  It can be very difficult to look at a color card and try to imagine how it will look on your walls. If you go to the paint store and see all their colors it can sometimes make the decision even more complicated.

Interior PaintingAt Premier Painting we always offer free color consultation if you are unsure about your color choices.  We recommend that you consider your flooring and furnishings when selecting wall colors and always make sure that your colors do not clash with them or with each other.  This will eliminate many of the colors you have selected and make the process easier. When you have narrowed it down to 2 or 3 it is a good idea to purchase a quart or pint of each and paint a 3’x 3’ area on a wall. This will give you an opportunity to see the color at different times of day.

Most paint manufacturers now have websites where you can see all of their colors.  Some will even allow you to take a digital picture of your room and see it with all of their colors.  Below are a few links to paint manufacturers you might find helpful.