Exterior Painting

Interior PaintingA quality exterior paint job is a great investment. Premier Painting believes careful preparation of your stucco and trim is vital - 95% of all premature paint failure is due to improper preparation of the surfaces prior to painting.

  • We begin each job by trenching around your foundation at least 2 inches below ground level; thoroughly pressure washing your stucco, siding, and trim.
  • Any damaged stucco is repaired exclusively with Merlex waterproof plaster instead of stucco, which can fail again after just a few years.
  • Wood trim is scraped and sanded to remove old coatings, then primed with the highest quality oil based primer. 
  • Interior PaintingAll gaps, voids, and weep screeds are sealed with acrylic caulking creating a continual membrane where moisture cannot get underneath the new coating. 
  • Each job is finished by applying 2 coats of top quality 100% acrylic paint on all surfaces, assuring you receive a high quality job that can last up to twice as long as a standard paint job.